Something, Something Game News – Mount & Blade: Captain, it appears we have entered a time warp

I’m currently working on my Starpoint Gemini 2 review, but I had to pull the emergency brake when I read this news of an old favourite of mine getting new content. I was actually planning on reviewing Mount and Blade: Warband as part of an upcoming “Classic Review” series I have in the works, but it seems I will be able to review this 4 year old title as a new release.


Mount and Blade: Warband is getting new DLC.



It’s also everything I hoped it would be. There’s not much more information than these images of dudes in boats, but that’s really all that matters. Years ago, my friend and I talked about how great it would be if M&B had boats. Now, the boats are coming ashore. It’s time to break out the cliches with the bubbly and prepare to spend another 200+ hours in this marvelous sandbox.

According to PC Gamer, Viking Conquest will take place in Norway, Denmark and Britain, will feature a single-player campaign, various multiplayer modes, and BOATS! Did I mention the boats, yet? Are you sick of me saying boats?

Ok, I’m done.

Cheers for this, TaleWorlds and BRYTENWALDA!




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