Something Something Game News – Anthem 2.0 is officially cancelled

In an official update from BioWare, the 2019 announced re-work of Anthem, dubbed Anthem NEXT, was cancelled.

Christian Dailey, the game’s Executive Producer, says the decision comes at the heels of expanded effort to focus more on upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles, while reinforcing continued work on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As someone who was looking forward to this, I’m personally pretty disappointed. I guess we can’t always see the games we’d like to be good, get the No Man’s Sky comeback treatment it deserved. Sadly, BioWare has been bleeding talent over the last few years, and are hard to recognize in modern days.

With the upcoming release of the Mass Effect trilogy remaster, and the announced 5th game of the series, we can only hope that BioWare is able to deliver on bringing back the quality they were renowned for in the past.



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